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This workshop is not available at this time.

2020 was a tumultuous year, full of jarring change. There was no warning, and no one was entirely ready. Some people faced enormous demands, some were sidelined, some experienced a little bit of both.

2021 brings some breathing room, but continues to be unsettling.

This is true both inside and out: Things we thought we would do remain undone. Questions remain unanswered. We’re being called to a new reality, but can’t always keep moving in that direction.

This online workshop was designed to allow time and space to begin that transition.

Change is Not Transition

Change happens around us, sometimes quickly. Transition is internal and is a process. Between endings and new beginnings there is work to be done. (Here’s a blog post about my experience with something called the Bridges Transition Model).

Let’s navigate the space between an old reality and a new beginning together. Commit to carving out this time to

  • reflect on your experience
  • gain clarity in what you wish to make, do, or accomplish in the future
  • take some first steps
  • build accountability
  • learn with, and from, others.


One Sunday evening meeting to get started with check-ins on six Thursdays after that.


Use this contact form or send an email to Susan McDowell.